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Imaxe do panel: CHMS: Management of our water resources

CHMS: Management of our water resources

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  • Water resource management

  • Administration of Public Waters

  • Elaboration, monitoring and updating of the Hydrological Plan

  • Construction and operation of water infrastructures    

The Hydrographic Confederation of the Miño-Sil (HCMS) controls the quality of ground and surface waters (rivers, reservoirs, lakes, wetlands, etc.) It has a network of Automatic Alert Stations, which control parameters in real time.

The Automatic Hydrological Information System (AHIS) controls, in real time, climatic and hydrological variables. It also allows short-term forecasts to minimize damage caused by floods and optimizes the use of resources for water supply, irrigation, hydroelectric power generation and environmental minimum requirements.

Enviromental objectives

  • Preventing deterioration of water bodies and protecting, enhancing and restoring all bodies of surface and ground waters, achieving good conditions for them.

  • Reducing pollution progressively and eliminating dumping, emissions and leakages of hazardous substances gradually.

Public Participation

The HCMS aims to increase awareness of citizens on issues related to water management, as well as to achieve commitment regarding sustainable water management, open communication channels with citizens and educate and raise awareness on issues related to their management.