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Oceanic climate with continental influences and increasing Mediterranean influence when going downstream.  Cold winters and hot summers. The average temperature is between 10 and 12 º. Rainfall is between 900 and 1,100 mm. Altitude ranges between 200 and 700 meters, with more extreme conditions in the mountains and softer near the Miño river. 

The richness of the area of ​​influence of the Belesar Dam extends from the elegant grandeur of the surroundings of the Sierra del Faro (mountain range) through the fertile plains and the natural lushness that overlooks the banks of the Miño river and its tributaries.

The emergence of the dam buried away the riverside vegetation and introduced some features of a lake ecosystem. Towards the end of the dam, the Atlantic flora is the predominant one, while going downstream the Mediterranean footprint can be well noticed. The first section is full of oaks and gorses, together with chestnut and birch trees. Downstream, there is a great presence of grapevines, as well as corks, strawberry trees, bushes, lavenders, etc. You can also find, wild pines, medicinal plants and berries.