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Imaxe do panel: Developed pictures of Portomarín

  • Pepe Pereira Pepe Pereira

Developed pictures of Portomarín

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"I was born in the parish of Seixón in 1929. I started with photography in 1952, and dedicated myself professionally to it until 1972. This coincided with the flooding and relocation of the old village of Portomarín. I wanted to use my camera to capture the landscape, houses, people and the way of life of a village always looking at the river. I knew that when the reservoir came, everything would disappear. The photographic memory can help those living to remember, and the next generations to discover. Our roots are down there. If we do not have memories, then we do not have anything.

Xosé López López,'Pepe Pereira'

Pepe Pereira bought a German camera, the Bilora Boy, when he was performing military service in North Africa in 1950. A day off and 150 ‘pesetas’ in his pocket changed his life. "In 1952 I bought books, I read everything I could, and began to develop photos”. Then he bought a more professional camera, the Voss Diax. With his motorbike, he toured the region, capturing landscapes; people ... the life of that time.

 His snapshots give evidence of the old village, almost stone by stone, house by house. "Of course, I was aware, and I knew that what I was doing was worth. I was taking pictures while the water rose to 8 feet in a single day, when they dynamited the houses ...“. At home, he keeps more than 40 thousand negatives, which summarize 60 years committed to photography.